Roy Dickel (mutilated) wrote in heropress,
Roy Dickel

Character Creation

In order to keep everybodies headaches to a minimum I'm going to give a quick over view of the stats then I'll add some character examples later.


These are the basic physical and mental attributes.


For the superhumans these are rated between 1 and 100.

So for Strength 1 would be in danger of being beaten up by the average toddler 100 would be in the Superman/Hulk range.

What you can do and how well you can do it

Clark Kent may be Superman but if he couldn't write worth toffee he'd not be keeping his byline at the planet very long.

Certain skills such as Gymnastics and Martial Arts can at a high enough level be a super power.

Again a 1-100 scale Gymanstics 1 Awkward Man - 100 Daredevil (for anyone who doesn't remember the Inferior Five take a guess from the name okay)

Super Powers
Explain what you want and how you want it to work.

For example I had a player who wanted an entangling attack composed of 7 brightly coloured sloths that appear from over head and land on the criminal.

Clear, concise and slightly weird.

Advantages, Disadvantages, Other stuff

Okay there is no points limit in this game you can have everything at 100 and every power you can think of, but this doesn't mean the DM's have to give you a game. So aim to create an interesting character you want to play.
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