Roy Dickel (mutilated) wrote in heropress,
Roy Dickel

Hello Hurrah let the show begin

Hi all welcome to the Heropress community.

If you'll forgive me I'd like to open with a brief history of the rl side of Heropress so we can all see how things fit together.

Heropress started life as a diceless SuperHero system devised by a group of friends in Royal Wells (Kent, England, UK).

As they drifted apart due to other commitments it became a pbm. As it became more widely known and popular more people joined it and the original DM became swamped. So players where gathered into other areas run by other dm's usually on a geographic basis.

This got too big and collapsed under it's own weight.

The concept was ressurected by a magazine called Fantasia who acted as a focal point, posted updates in it's pages and paid the DM's (don't expect that to happen again real soon)

This worked really well until Fantasia committed financial suicide.

Smaller groups picked up the game concept (including a very Gothic World of Darkness crew that operated out of Cardiff for a while).

And that brings us to here.

What I want to do is pull it back to it's 3rd period concept with multiple DM's looking after a city or country each with a group of players.

The updates from each area would be posted in a central location for the amusement of the curious as would FAQ, Articles, Artwork and anything else of interest.

Players would create a character and be put in the early days into whichever city suits themselves, the character and the DM best.

I've sketched out a pretty limited timeline which I'd like the other DM's to contribute to before go live so everyone has a piece of this from the foundation.

So any takers.
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A great idea...I still have happy memories of floating round Sydney in my guise as Alchymia, in fact I think I still have all the turns filed away somewhere.

I also have some slightly less happy memories of my attempt to run Heropress: Hong Kong, powergamers, can't live with them, can't shoot them in the head.

I'd love to play again...I might also be prepared to take on the task of GMing a location.

Good to see Heropress re-emerging.

Doug Allan
Good good hello there wow

Do you have by any chance any of the old rule books kicking about specifically I'm after the players book
Hi Roy,

I'll have a look, I moved house not long ago and am pretty sure I saw the old Heropress stuff then...I'm somewhat of a gaming magpie, I can't seem to throw anything away. It should be packed away in storage somewhere I'll check when I get some time.

Cool I've all of it except the players books and the city books so if you can do me scans or photocopies of them it'll let me actually kick this back into gear.


I managed to get into the storage place, and have found:

Player's Guide (Original)
GM's Guide (Original)
Player's Guide (Revised)
GM's Guide (Revised)
The Paranoid's Guide to Ruling the World
London II Sourcebook
My old notes for my Hong Kong Sourcebook

It will probably be easier (and less time-consuming) to photocopy the stuff and mail it to you, can you give me your address and I'll send them ASAP.


Roy Dickel
25 Alford St
L7 9LX

I'm trying to retrieve my notes off my old HD that crashed but it's not happening so I'll just rewrite the stuff

I'm going to pick up a heropress domain name (probably .org I think though there's no competition for .com to host it all from)

And I'll be looking to start in the new year :-)
I'll post them as soon as I can get to a post office...

Look forward to the show...*G*

stuff arrived yesterday there's stuff I'd never seen before in their (the sauce book, London II).

So I'll rip the core ideas out and look to get started mid Jan
Looking forward to seeing the results in the New Year...

Fairly sure I still have the players book somewhere around as well.