Roy Dickel (mutilated) wrote in heropress,
Roy Dickel

Where in the World

Okay the original Heropress had a series of places each ran by a different DM I'll list as many as I can remember in the hope of inspiring someone to play with them but if you want to set up somewhere else that's cool

Royal Wells (England)
Where it all began

Cardiff (Wales)
A gothic mysterious City

Belfast (N Ireland)
Sectarian violence and Superheros

Vandal City (Canada)
A city breaking apart with racial tensions

New York (USA)
The big apple if you can make it there you'll make it anywhere if you can't cut it here you're dead

San Angeles (USA)
Created to be the perfect community then all the busnesses went away

Volgagrad (Russia)
A sovietcenter for superheros how's it fared since the USSR collapsed?

Tokyo (Japan)
Giant robots, Ninjas, fire breathing reptiles. Think Godzilla vs G-Force

Sydney (Australia)
A land down under where superheros are few and someone's keeping it that way

An Alternative world where Camelot never fell.

Other ideas I had for places of Intrest

South Africa a land where the rule of law has completely broken down

and places I know too little about

South America
"White Russia"
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