Roy Dickel (mutilated) wrote in heropress,
Roy Dickel

Timeline Draft 1 Part 1 1812-1914

The idea is that this is a basis and other DMs add to it

Taking up from the key points

May 11 1812
Earth passes through a cloud of space bourne matter

Speculation as to the nature and effect of this phenomenon had been rife for weeks with various claims and counterclaims made by religious, mystical and scientific groups
for the effects tat the cloud would have.

In the end the event was rather overshadowed by the murder of the British Prime Minister Spencer Percival By John Bellingham

During Bellinghams Case the jury rejected the Defenses claim that Bellinghams wits had been addled by the cloud and condemned him to death

1870 - 1900

Gentlemen Adventurers
Whilst it's never been proved that these where anything more than normal people in hindsight it's easy to see the likes of Adam Adamant, Richard Burton, Alister Crowley, Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes, and many others as precursors o the super powered individuals of today.

Aug 29 1910
Japan Annexes Korea

Tales of an un killable Japanese Officer who leads his troops int each city they take filter out. The propaganda involving this soldier has as much to do with the victory as any other factor.

October 20 1911
Italians Capture Tripoli and Benghazi from the Turks

Tales of a group of unnaturally strong Italians that contribute to the fall of Benghazi are investigated closely by British Intelligence

Jan 27 1913
Jim Thorpe is stripped of his medals

Jm THorpe of North Carolina had won the Decathlon and Pentathlon during the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. Dubbed "the greatest athlete in the world" he was stripped of his titles and struck from the records of the games allegedly for accepting a $25 payment to appear in a baseball game.

Rumors persist of something more ominous behind the decision
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