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Heropress Millenium's Journal
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Friday, April 5th, 2002
6:46 am
Hello, I'm Bubbles, me and my sisters fight crime.

Friday, September 14th, 2001
2:18 pm
Timeline Draft 1 Part 1 1812-1914
The idea is that this is a basis and other DMs add to it

Taking up from the key points

May 11 1812
Earth passes through a cloud of space bourne matter

Speculation as to the nature and effect of this phenomenon had been rife for weeks with various claims and counterclaims made by religious, mystical and scientific groups
for the effects tat the cloud would have.

In the end the event was rather overshadowed by the murder of the British Prime Minister Spencer Percival By John Bellingham

During Bellinghams Case the jury rejected the Defenses claim that Bellinghams wits had been addled by the cloud and condemned him to death

1870 - 1900

Gentlemen Adventurers
Whilst it's never been proved that these where anything more than normal people in hindsight it's easy to see the likes of Adam Adamant, Richard Burton, Alister Crowley, Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes, and many others as precursors o the super powered individuals of today.

Aug 29 1910
Japan Annexes Korea

Tales of an un killable Japanese Officer who leads his troops int each city they take filter out. The propaganda involving this soldier has as much to do with the victory as any other factor.

October 20 1911
Italians Capture Tripoli and Benghazi from the Turks

Tales of a group of unnaturally strong Italians that contribute to the fall of Benghazi are investigated closely by British Intelligence

Jan 27 1913
Jim Thorpe is stripped of his medals

Jm THorpe of North Carolina had won the Decathlon and Pentathlon during the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. Dubbed "the greatest athlete in the world" he was stripped of his titles and struck from the records of the games allegedly for accepting a $25 payment to appear in a baseball game.

Rumors persist of something more ominous behind the decision
Tuesday, July 31st, 2001
5:13 pm
Character Creation
In order to keep everybodies headaches to a minimum I'm going to give a quick over view of the stats then I'll add some character examples later.


These are the basic physical and mental attributes.


For the superhumans these are rated between 1 and 100.

So for Strength 1 would be in danger of being beaten up by the average toddler 100 would be in the Superman/Hulk range.

What you can do and how well you can do it

Clark Kent may be Superman but if he couldn't write worth toffee he'd not be keeping his byline at the planet very long.

Certain skills such as Gymnastics and Martial Arts can at a high enough level be a super power.

Again a 1-100 scale Gymanstics 1 Awkward Man - 100 Daredevil (for anyone who doesn't remember the Inferior Five take a guess from the name okay)

Super Powers
Explain what you want and how you want it to work.

For example I had a player who wanted an entangling attack composed of 7 brightly coloured sloths that appear from over head and land on the criminal.

Clear, concise and slightly weird.

Advantages, Disadvantages, Other stuff

Okay there is no points limit in this game you can have everything at 100 and every power you can think of, but this doesn't mean the DM's have to give you a game. So aim to create an interesting character you want to play.
Saturday, July 14th, 2001
2:02 pm
Hello Hurrah let the show begin
Hi all welcome to the Heropress community.

If you'll forgive me I'd like to open with a brief history of the rl side of Heropress so we can all see how things fit together.

Heropress started life as a diceless SuperHero system devised by a group of friends in Royal Wells (Kent, England, UK).

As they drifted apart due to other commitments it became a pbm. As it became more widely known and popular more people joined it and the original DM became swamped. So players where gathered into other areas run by other dm's usually on a geographic basis.

This got too big and collapsed under it's own weight.

The concept was ressurected by a magazine called Fantasia who acted as a focal point, posted updates in it's pages and paid the DM's (don't expect that to happen again real soon)

This worked really well until Fantasia committed financial suicide.

Smaller groups picked up the game concept (including a very Gothic World of Darkness crew that operated out of Cardiff for a while).

And that brings us to here.

What I want to do is pull it back to it's 3rd period concept with multiple DM's looking after a city or country each with a group of players.

The updates from each area would be posted in a central location for the amusement of the curious as would FAQ, Articles, Artwork and anything else of interest.

Players would create a character and be put in the early days into whichever city suits themselves, the character and the DM best.

I've sketched out a pretty limited timeline which I'd like the other DM's to contribute to before go live so everyone has a piece of this from the foundation.

So any takers.
1:46 pm
Where in the World
Okay the original Heropress had a series of places each ran by a different DM I'll list as many as I can remember in the hope of inspiring someone to play with them but if you want to set up somewhere else that's cool

Royal Wells (England)
Where it all began

Cardiff (Wales)
A gothic mysterious City

Belfast (N Ireland)
Sectarian violence and Superheros

Vandal City (Canada)
A city breaking apart with racial tensions

New York (USA)
The big apple if you can make it there you'll make it anywhere if you can't cut it here you're dead

San Angeles (USA)
Created to be the perfect community then all the busnesses went away

Volgagrad (Russia)
A sovietcenter for superheros how's it fared since the USSR collapsed?

Tokyo (Japan)
Giant robots, Ninjas, fire breathing reptiles. Think Godzilla vs G-Force

Sydney (Australia)
A land down under where superheros are few and someone's keeping it that way

An Alternative world where Camelot never fell.

Other ideas I had for places of Intrest

South Africa a land where the rule of law has completely broken down

and places I know too little about

South America
"White Russia"
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